Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No long to go now!

Wow, it's been almost 3 months since my last post.

Although we are probably only a short few weeks away before completion, I have to say the last couple of months have just dragged by with not much in the way of progress.   Obviously there was no work done over Christmas for 3 weeks and then we had a tile delay (had to change our original glass feature tiles we chose for the bathrooms as the tiler couldn't cut them without them chipping or breaking, something he said Di Lorenzo should have known at the time we picked them).  

Anyway, had to go back to Di Lorenzo (another 2 week delay as they were closed for the holidays), chose our new tiles which they said would arrive on 20 January.  They didn't arrive till nearly three weeks later, so another delay there.

But, it's all done now, and the feature tiling looks great and we are just waiting for the shower screens.

Our tiles for downstairs were delivered this morning and the tiling is due to start tomorrow.  We chose to organise the tiling ourselves and not through the builder, as it worked out cheaper, but as we are using the builders tilers, to do the work they have allowed them to do the work before handover which is great and will save some time as well.

The cleaners are in today cleaning the house and they'll be back just before handover for one final clean.

The concretors were in yesterday starting to do the formwork for the driveway.   But as it's raining today and I think on and off the rest of the week, it might be a few days before they are back on site.

Anyway, lots of new pictures below.  The next lot of photos will be the finished product!!

Main Bathrrom
Main Bathroom


Balcony off master bedroom


Love my doors!

Home Theatre

Also love my feature wall colour "murkey water"

Master bedroom
 The tiler took 4 days just to complete this column.  These tiles, although they came on a sheet, are all individual tiles and she spent a lot of time putting a large number of them on, one at a time!

Kitchen complete with glass splashback.

Close up of featuring tiling