Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Story So Far....

Finding Our Block...

We found our block late last year by chance after enquiring with an agent about some blocks we had seen in a different estate.  He told us that they were all sold but he had another block which had just come back on the market that day after the original purchasers finance fell through.

Lucky for us (but unlucky for them) we snapped it up strait away as it was a corner block we had originally wanted, a bit larger than the average size blocks around these days, in a great location and  most importantly, only about minutes drive from our sons new school.


The photo below is an aerial view from October 2009 complete with trenches and some kind of crane looking machine!

Another view of the block a couple of months later

Another aerial shot from 1 April 2010.  As you can see a lot has happened since October and even more so since this shot was taken.

And one more!  The homes behind and next door have now been bricked and tiled.


In case anyone is wondering about the aerial shots and doesn't know about this site, it's called  Much better than google earth as it seems to update every few months or so.

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