Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 34 First Floor Frame - Tuesday 24 August 2010

The first floor frame started going up today and most of the downstairs windows have also gone in.  So far I'm really happy with the progress.  Touch wood the rest of the build goes smoothly too!

We also went back to Di Lorenzo's today to make our third changes (yes, third) to our tile selections!  I wish we didn't have to go through them for the tiling of the wet areas as they are the biggest rip off. For the downstairs tiling (although we are going to be purchasing the tiles from Di Lorenzo as they have the only tile we like so far) we are going to get someone else to tile after handover as we have worked out (if our calculations are right) we will be saving approximately $3000-$4000.

View from the front

View from the back

Our son has already chosen this room above the garage as his
My study/office - love the awning windows!
Our kitchen window which we only discovered we had about a month ago!
Looking out to the alfresco
Top of the stairs - can't wait till I get access up there!

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  1. I know what you mean about Di Lorenzo. It has been 4 weeks and we are still awaiting a quote. I think we are going to delete the tiles and go with timber throughout the house. YEs it will cost us more but . . . At least we will know what the cost is!