Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 123 Update - We have a kitchen!

Since my last update a fair bit has been done.  To our surprise all the kitchen, laundry and bathroom cabinetry was delivered on Monday and we were further surprised to turn up on site on Tuesday to see them being installed by a lovely fellow from Timpelle Kitchens with the help of his dad!

We are getting Ceasarstone countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms.  Not sure when they are coming in though.

The "cornice" guys were also in this week and they have now finished putting up all cornices both up and downstairs.

All the wet areas waterproofing has been done and the tiling was supposed to have started this week too but nothing yet.  Maybe tomorrow.

The safety platform in the void area at the top of the stairs has now been removed ready for the plasterers to come back in and fill in the gaps.

The carpenter has also been in and out the last week hanging doors etc and has now locked us out!  I guess we are officially at lock up stage now as we (and by we I mean my husband) has been climbing in through a broken window to gain access.  Unfortunately - or fortunately - depends which way you see it, the window has now been fixed so we have to find another way in!

Finally today, our front render feature was also painted and I absolutely love the colours!! (Thanks to Anita at Wisdom!).

Till next time..

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