Friday, June 25, 2010

Latest Update

Since my last update, we have completed our electrical plan, signed off on the kitchen, laundry and bathroom plans and also added and finalised a bunch of "extras" we originally decided against during the tender stage. :-) 

We also discovered that we actually have a window in our kitchen behind the stove.  This was pointed out to us by the kitchen people when I questioned why the glass splashback didn't go across the whole wall - duh! This was a Basix/Council requirement so we didn't really have a choice in the matter anyway).  It's right there in the plans but we never noticed it!
The Construction Certificate was also issued a few days ago so we are almost ready to start!

On a sour note, as we are one the last to build in our estate, our block of land has become somewhat of a storage facility and rubbish tip for all the other builders around.  We even have a nice set of tyre tracks from a cement truck which went up the curb a few days ago and then dump its leftover concrete on our land.

1 comment:

  1. Oh yay... and boo Anna!

    Yay for your progress... boo for the dumping! It wasn't us I promise! :) We think we had dirt dumped on our site earlier as well, we had a huge ammount to move and not all of it could of come from our block! Damn dumpers!! :( Looking forward to seeing your progress...

    Cheers Mel xo