Monday, June 7, 2010

We have Council approval!

Wahoo!  We have council approval! (and it only took 21 days from date of lodgement)

We also have Water Board approval already so things should start moving along very quickly now.


  1. Hi Anna,

    My name is Mel and I'm your neighbour! :) We are building at number 5 Hume street :) I noticed on the council website that your house was in at the council. You're the ones building the monster house on the cnr! It's huge .. congrats! :) I am sure you are very excited to be passed the council stage, you will have a slab before you know it! :)

    All the very best for the building process I hope it runs smoothly for you. I am sure we will meet soon.

    Cheers Mel ( Homeone = Kridge)

  2. Hi Anna


    Wont be long now :)

    Hope the build goes nice and smoothly

    Homeone = Saville27)

  3. Hi guys & thanks! Like everyone I can't wait to start and am so looking forward to seeing that huge slab of concrete!

    Mel, yes it is a huge house! I don't know what possessed us as we are only a family of 3 lol.