Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 50 Update - Monday 6 September 2010

We went by the house yesterday and found the temporary ladder up to the first floor had been put up.  We didn't even think twice about climbing up as we have all been hanging to get up there (well, I have anyway!).

The sand and cement was delivered today ready for the bricklayers to get started tomorrow.

The Master bedroom
Mountain views from the balcony off the Master bedroom
This is the room at the front of the house our son has chosen.  Personally I would have chosen the other bedroom at the back with the mountain views.
More distant mountain views, this time from the upstairs lounge


  1. Does wisdom know about your blog?

  2. Hi, not that I know of but I did read somewhere that they do read them if they come across any. Any reason why?